The gates open at 16.30, East Riding Senior Wind Band will be playing at times whilst you are setting up, the concert starts at 19.00.

Afraid not, to be fair to all those who are attending so as not to impair anyone’s view of the stage and musicians. It also ensures that we comply fully with all health and safety requirements and restrictions.

Guide and Assistance Dogs are permitted but we must restrict entrance to these only, remember there are fireworks during the performance.

All parking is on the showground so at worst you’ll need to walk a couple of hundred metres.

Yes and it is located as close as possible to the arena entrance, this is restricted to official Blue Badge holders only.

Yes, it will open at 16.30 and you will also be able to exit from here at the end of the concert.

No, due to our insurance stipulations and agreed upon safety protocols no naked flames are allowed, this includes barbecues and candles.

Yes you can bring your own food and drink, although food and drink, including a licenced bar, will be available on the evening, please see the concessions section of our website.

No, this is not a legal requirement, although as best practise we would hope attendees are fully vaccinated. If you have or show symptoms of Covid we ask you to stay at home and make contact with us, we will attempt to assist you with an alternative way to watch the evening’s entertainment.

No, although you are free to bring your own chairs and/or picnic blankets (or refer to the letter received from the High Sheriff).

A tricky question – If we haven’t reached the maximum number permitted within our licence from advance sales then yes tickets will be available at the gate, although we advise that you buy tickets in advance to avoid disappointment and to get the best price too.

First, please ensure you question isn’t answered above or on the main website, if your question isn’t answered please do the following –

For issues with tickets which you have purchased through our website – email [email protected]

If you have another pressing issue, please contact the Event Organiser.